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Cabinet Refinishing in Kansas City

Are your kitchen cabinets looking old, outdated, worn or showing damage? Want to update the look or color? Do you have beautiful vintage built in cabinets in other areas of the home that need repair or refinishing? Scratched and dull finishes can hide their beauty, but we have a solution!

Call Kevin Allee Painting to discuss our cabinet refinishing services! We provide cabinet refinishing for your worn or damaged kitchen or bathroom cabinets—without removing them from your home.

The process for cabinet refinishing can take up to a week for an average kitchen. This work involves fully or partially removing damaged finishes and degreasing and cleaning all surfaces. Doors and hardware will be removed and cabinet interior surfaces evaluated for necessary repairs. Face frames will be patched, replaced or repaired and sanded smooth to match existing trim. Finally, cabinet doors—the most visible part of a kitchen—will be worked on. If a stained finish is desired, existing varnish and paint will need to be completely removed. For a painted finish, unless the existing paint is badly checked or cracked all over, this may not be necessary. Dents and dings will be repaired, filled and sanded smooth, nails set if they are protruding, and overall flat surfaces smoothed with several grits of sandpaper.

We prime the cabinets and doors and apply two coats of paint or varnish, sanding between coats for a smooth, glossy finish.

We specialize in antiqued finishes for your home’s cabinet refinishing. Call Kevin Allee Painting today at 816-835-4262 for a FREE, no obligation estimate.