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Residential Interior Painting Services in Kansas City

Kevin Allee Painting offers exceptional craftsmanship that goes above and beyond doing a good job – it’s that special quality that demonstrates our depth of skill, practice, and attention to detail with every job we do. This care shows our commitment to top quality. We use the highest quality materials and take the time to prepare the worksite properly, performing the work cleanly, efficiently and with the highest expertise. We’ve been providing quality painting services for homeowners in the Kansas City metro area since 1981, and our reputation has been built on excellence and great customer service.

Services we provide include surface preparation for complete and long lasting paint adhesion (scraping, sanding and degreasing as needed), cleaning horizontal surfaces such as the tops of baseboards of dust and dirt buildup, paint application (brush, roller, and spray as appropriate), wallpaper removal, ceiling popcorn removal, ceiling painting, trim, window, paneling and door painting, and much more.

What sets us apart from other painting contractors? Respect. We treat your home like it’s our own. Your furniture and lighting fixtures will be carefully and gently moved out of our work area and wrapped with non-scratching, clean plastic sheeting. We don’t use crusty old drop cloths for this that could transfer dirt, dust and old paint flakes to your fine upholstered fabrics. We strive to work cleanly, efficiently and accurately. Removable shoe coverings are part of our work uniform, and help to keep your home clean while we’re on the job.

Honesty, fairness and respect are core values with Kevin Allee Painting. We understand that you are trusting us to work inside your home and this trust is extremely important to us. When we provide interior painting services for your home or business, our goal is to provide excellent customer service along with exceptional work. We are fully insured, and will be happy to provide references. Call us today to schedule a no obligation, free estimate.