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Wood Rot Repair Services in Kansas City

Wood rot damage can seriously compromise the structure and value of your home. We’ve personally watched the amount of wood rot damage double over Kansas City winters.

Wood rot can result from improperly sealed, primed and painted exterior wood surfaces that are exposed to rain and snow over an extended period. Water enters the porous wood and causes the fiber structure to rot and break down. Freeze-thaw cycles can exacerbate the breakdown of the fibers, resulting in permanent structural damage to the individual board, siding or trim. Using a wood filler to cover over and patch damaged wood such as this is merely a short-term “Band-Aid solution”, and will not result in lasting structural integrity.

If there are other factors involved, such as poorly draining gutters or missing flashing, we will point this out to the homeowner and make recommendations on their repair or replacement.

Problem areas to look out for are window sills, fascia boards, siding at the bottom of the house, and horizontal surfaces of trim boards. Any place where water can enter and remain will attract insects and result in quicker deterioration.

Our team of skilled craftsmen will expertly replace the siding or fascia board if it’s damaged before repainting your home. We have found that wood rot is a common problem in our area, and we perform repairs of this kind as an individual service for homes we aren’t repainting as well as when we are working on repainting contracts.


Call Kevin Allee Painting today to remove unsightly rotted wood and protect the value of your home! We offer free estimates and prompt, courteous service.


There was wood rot damage on the fascia throughout the home. Here you can see we were replacing the fascia before repainting the home.


We replaced the fascia throughout the front of the home before applying the fresh paint.